Fraud Examinations/Forensic Accounting

SFG Business Management

SFG Business Management, LLC is a division of CAB which is dedicated to providing world-class business management services to athletes, entertainment industry professionals, physicians, entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and executives.

Through its SFG Business Management division and led by partner Scott F. Guber, CPA, this comprehensive service combines sophisticated bill paying in a paperless environment along with a keen attention to a client's overall financial scenario.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our process takes the task and management of bill-paying to an entirely new level. While incorporating the sophistication of today's bank and credit card institutions, our proactive approach safeguards privacy and security on all levels. Since the SFG division operates in this high-tech environment, we minimize the risk of identity theft and provide a secure setting for communication with our client. Immediate access and retrieval of items such as past bills and deposits, insurance policies, estate documents and the like ensures delivery of an efficient service and prompt answers to questions a client may have. Quite simply, SFG works 24/7 to help make its clients' lives less stressful.

Services include:

  • Bill paying, budgeting and cash flow management
  • Payroll administration, including domestic employees
  • Coordination of pension plans and union benefits
  • Asset allocation and investment oversight
  • Insurance/risk analysis for all types of insurance, including auto, home, life, malpractice and disability
  • Recording of all deposits
  • Education, estate and retirement planning
  • Review and analysis of all vendor bills (such as phone and internet services) for better plans and pricing
  • Financing, completing all applications and bidding out to our list of vendors in order to obtain auto and equipment leases, mortgages and home equity loans/lines of credit

Some of the benefits of our service include:

  • Immediately identify potential credit card fraud or misuse
  • Highlight large variances in monthly expenses to quickly identify issues / problems 
  • Track household expenses to quantify the true cost of running each residence 
  • Identify business and tax-deductible expenses for a proactive approach to tax planning 
  • Deliver detailed monthly reporting, including budgeted to actual cash flow for a clearer picture of finances
  • Proactive approach to the purchase of large ticket items by securing immediate insurance coverage where appropriate